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what we do 


community engagement

know/how carves a path to success by cultivating community trust at the grassroots level and aligning those with the vision of the client. Through subject matter expertise, know/how   facilitates conversations among stakeholders.  We help integrate community interest into our clients' plans in support of building thriving neighborhoods.


strategic communications

Helping to get our clients to “yes” begins with the art and science of strategic communications. With over 20 years of expertise, know/how works to develop a compelling story for each project, to ensure that the message is targeted to critical audiences. Our strategic communications planning identifies and utilizes the most effective communication tools and engages with the media at just the right time.


advocacy/government relations

 Simply put, know/how cuts through bureaucracy.  With broad experience at all levels  of government, we help bring our client's vision into action.  We thrive at the intersection of government, community, and private industry.


public affairs

know/how advises and manages 360º public affairs strategies that meaningfully achieve our clients' goals. From integrated government relations to issue management and social responsibility plans, know/how guides and maintains our clients' reputations. 

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