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what we do 


community engagement

we know/how to:

  •  create deep and meaningful relationships with neighborhoods and business leaders.

  •  facilitate conversation amongst varied stakeholder

  •  support a successful entitlement process by integrating community.

we know/how to:

  • tell your story and who needs to listen.

  • use the most effective communication tools to get your message out

  •  to use the media most effectively at just the right time


strategic communications


advocacy/government relations

we know/how to:

  • get things done because we understand how government works.

  • provide a unique perspective on the workings of local government having served in its executive, administrative, and legislative branches.

  • succeed because we have spent our careers where local government intersects with community and private industry.

we know/how to:

  • excel government relations, strategic communications, issue management, social responsibility

  •  build and maintain our client’s reputation in the public realm

  • create and direct public policy to meaningfully achieve our client’s goals


public affairs

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