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The Culver Studios

Comprehensive Plan Amendment #7 (Hackman Capital Partners)
Culver City, CA
Culver Studios.jpg

Hackman Capital Partners successfully sought to modernize the 14-acre historic studio lot with over 500,000 gross new square feet of creative office, upgrading 9 existing soundstages, and preserving the iconic Georgian mansion, support structures and 4 bungalows.  The Culver Studios is now headquarters to Amazon Studios. 


The team encouraged the active participation by neighbors and community stakeholders in the entitlement process, which resulted in over 30 community stakeholders speaking in support of the project at 2 public hearings, and the unanimous recommendation by the Planning Commission and a unanimous vote by the City Council. The project resulted in millions of dollars in off-site mobility improvements to the direct benefit of the Culver City community. We also secured a front-page story about The Culver Studios in The New York Times. During the nearly four years of construction, we remained directly engaged with the adjacent neighborhoods and direct neighbors, providing real time communication and supplemental construction mitigation.

Expertise:  Public Affairs, Community Engagement

Jurisdiction: Culver City, CA

Neighborhood: Culver City

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